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Why Divyasri Solutions?
Trusted and skilled professionals

Divyasri Solutions specialists have experiences with well-known brands such as Whirlpool, LG, Kenstar, Panasonic, Godrej and Samsung, among many others. To work as an Divyasri Solutions  specialist, a service expert is required to undergo a thorough background checking process and just one out of seven applicants is chosen for service. The professionals who have more than 5 years of experience.

Product Guarantee

Our Divyasri Solutions experts offer guarantee on every product that they use. Each product for replacement is genuine. You can ask back your damaged product from our Divyasri Solutions professional once he finishes replacing it.

Fixed prices

You not only get authentic parts for replacement but also get them at fixed rates only. Our Divyasri Solutions technicians will not overcharge you for replacement of the damaged parts.


If you choose or pick our service you will get 90 days warranty on all types repair services.

Today, the world of electronic appliances is growing vast. It is almost impossible for anyone to live a life without electronic equipment in their home. From the time you get up till you go back to the bed, you are always connected with any of the electronic appliances. On one side, these electronic appliances in the home are more beneficial and make the people comfortable.

On the flip side, there are more chances to get repaired. In these instances, do you think you can manage for a long time with the repaired electronic appliances? No! You will immediately look for the right service provider who is efficient enough to repair the electronic appliances in your home. In that list, Divyasri Solutions is one of the leading service providers in Hyderabad where you can consider making the electronic appliances for proper functioning again.

They are one of the industry-leading companies that have professional technicians for the repair and service of these electronic appliances. As the name indicates, they are available round the clock, and you can approach them to have the repair at any time. Thus, you do not make yourselves free and stay in the home for any repair like Washing machine repair. They will approach you at the time you are convenient. They will bring all the tools and equipment to your destination and repair it in your home itself. Even if you wish to take the appliances to them, they welcome you. As they are the professionals for the repair and service, they will be prompt and appropriate in the process.

When it comes to quality, they never compromise. They use only the high-quality spare parts for the replacement and make use of all that possible for prolonging the life of the home appliances. When speaking about the cost, they give you a rough quote considering the repair in the appliances, and you can proceed with the service based on your convenience. This is one of the ways you can reduce the shock with the Refrigerator repair Hyderabad or other repairs to look at the bill.

When it comes to home appliances, the list is too big, and it incorporates lots of such services. Now, will Divyasri Solutions offers the service for this entire appliance? If this is your question, the answer is almost all the appliances. When you consider washing machine repair, you can approach them for front load, top load automatic, and top load manual types of washing repair. All of these will come with a warranty period of 6 months.

When it is the refrigerator, a single door, double and side by side door refrigerators are repaired, and services here and this also offer 90days of warranty. For air conditioners, they assist you with split and window AC services, which hold 90 days of warranty. Besides, you can also look for RO and water purifier services, microwave oven services, Geyser repair, and television services as well. The technicians are equipped to work with different devices that follow different brands for fixing the errors and bring them to better performances.

Further, the professionals will also help you by offering some tips to preserve these appliances like Microwave oven repair. Some maintenance tips will be more beneficial, and it will help in maintaining the same appliance for a longer time. If needed, you can also have their guidance to have the best home appliance for your home. As they are experts and update their knowledge in the field, they also update with the recent technologies and give you more options with the home appliances.

Most people do not know when to call repair and service professionals. If you approach them in the advanced stage, it might become an issue that is not so easy to solve. For example, when you are looking for the Air conditioner repair Hyderabad, ensure you invite the repair and service professionals at the beginning of the issue. For instance, if you cannot have the right poor picture quality or some other issues such as getting on or changes in the color, etc. Similarly, every appliance will start working badly and require expert care. So, inviting them as soon as possible will lessen the complications and other related issues associated with it.

Is your home appliance now under repair and you are looking for the right company to work for the repair? Just visit the website of Divyasri Solutions. You can find the enquire form. Fill up the form and send it when you are looking for clarifying doubts. If you are looking to book for the service, file the respective document, and the professionals will contact you shortly. Know about the services offered by the company and take a step to repair or service the appliances and have the right function of it.

Customer’s to know
  • 90 days warranty is given from our behalf
  • Finish your work within 72 hours of maximum
  • Service/labor charges is only 399/-
  • Spare parts used by our experts are 100% genuine
  • You can check the condition of your machine, before paying the money
  • Do not forget to take the bill after completion of work
  • Ask our expert to clarify all of the doubts you have
  • You can ask about the precautions to give your machine a good service
  • You should ask the expert how much it will cost after the inspection
  • If you don’t want service after inspection, you will have to pay a minimum of visiting charges 249/-only.
  • Cheque, credit and debit cards are not accepted.
  • Once you have charged for spare part(s), will not be refunded
  • You may contact the phone number shown above when any problems arise from our expert
  • It is not our responsibility to do things that are not experted by us
  • The bill copy should be carefully preserved for 90 days
  • You have to pay for spare parts when you have to do a different job at the time of warranty.
  • It takes 24 to 48 hours for arrange same expert to you, during warranty period.
  • Our parts will only change when we have to change spare parts. We are not -responsible for your spare parts.
  • Give some time to our expert to find out what the problem of your machine is.
  • After the warranty time, no warranty can be issued from our side.
  • We will not be responsible for any previous physical damages.
Frequently asked questions
  1. What are charges for repair?
  2. Divyasri Solutions will charge Rs.399/- maximum for service/labour charges. Incase spare part(s) needed, customer needs to be bare spare part(s) charges.

  3. Which quality of spare parts will use by Divyasri Solutions?
  4. Divyasri Solutions will provide 100% genuine spare parts to our customers.

  5. Who will bring the spare parts when customers required?
  6. Divyasri Solutions’s experts will bring the spare parts to customer’s doorstep.

  7. How Divyasri Solutions will provide warranty to customer’s product?
  8. Divyasri Solutions is providing 3 types of warranty to the customers.

    -> 90 days warranty on repair

    -> 90 days warranty on General service, spare(s) and Installation

    -> 30 days warranty on visiting charges.

  9. If customer paid only visiting charges what is warranty time?
  10. If customer paid only visiting charges, this will be applicable under 30 days warranty period.

  11. Who is service expert and how can customer believe?
  12. Him/her. Service expert is a partner of Divyasri Solutions and Service expert is not permanent employee of Divyasri Solutions. However, Divyasri Solutions will check all background verification and trusted.

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